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Looking to surprise your Teacher, your Students, your Best Friend or Your Graduate?

Our easy-to-use video platform enables you to request, collect, and organize videos to create a personalized and meaningful video surprise.

Make a welcome back video for students, surprise your favourite teacher, or send congratulations to your best friend on their graduation. VidHug is the perfect surprise video maker.

School Video Examples

Here are some of the ways that VidHug has helped celebrate special moments at school. 

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Screenshot of Virtual School Reunion VidHug video
Watch the WFU Alumni Video
Virtual School Reunion

Wake Forest University’s Class of 1990 was eagerly anticipating a gathering at Homecoming 2020 for their 30th Reunion.

Three decades of pride in their school and their Wake Forest Deacons and 30 years of marriages, children, careers, and incredible, enduring friendships - they looked forward to celebrating all of it! With COVID-19 impacting everyone, the reunion was put on hold until Homecoming 2021, but that didn’t stop the class of 1990 from holding a small celebration of their own. Several participants submitted VidHug greetings, sharing updates on their lives with their classmates. We’ve created a brief sampling of their montage to give you a taste of how VidHug works for reunions.

Screenshot of School VidHug video
Watch a Short Preview
Welcome Back, Students

The first day of school is exciting and can also be a bit scary, especially for students entering kindergarten.

Hoping to help ease the transition, the PTA at Baldy Mesa Elementary School in California organized a group hug for their student body. Teachers and staff at the school had an opportunity to introduce themselves in a short video for their incoming students, and let them know that they’re looking forward to meeting them. The school is very active on social media and they shared their group hug on Facebook for all of the families to access. A couple of months later, the school used VidHug again to create a virtual costume parade for students and teachers, in celebration of Hallowe’en. 

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Do you have a School, Graduation, or Alumni VidHug that you’d like to share?

If you have a Back to School, Graduation, Principal’s Day, or any other school-related video that you’d like to see featured here, please contact us at support@vidhug.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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More stories from our users.

We’ve had visitors from over 190 countries and we’ve helped you deliver over 4 million virtual hugs during the pandemic!

Lisa Keiber

At the end of our academic year, we always have an End of Year Event to celebrate the end of Application Phase for our 3rd year medical students. Due to COVID, we had to make a change. Someone suggested VidHug. It was awesome. Our preceptors were able to record messages to the students that we could share virtually. Both students and preceptors loved it and some of our preceptors were creative in their messages. We will definitely do this again next year. Thank you!

Lisa Keiber
Nina Marie

I am a teacher and with the Covid-19 shelter in place restrictions, VidHug made it so easy for everyone to get me videos, record in their own house, and put it together seamlessly. Other apps I have used were not near as user friendly, harder to upload videos, and took way longer to put together! This is something I plan to use again! Thank you VidHug!

Nina Marie
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