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Our easy-to-use video platform enables you to request, collect, and organize videos to create graduation videos.

Send a graduation message to your graduating student. Say "Happy Graduation" and "Congratulations on Your Graduation" in a video montage.

Graduation Video Messages

Here are some of the ways that VidHug has helped share graduation messages. We'd like to wish the Class of 2021 Congratulations on Your Graduation! 

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High School Graduation

Congratulations, Clarissa!  

Clarissa graduated high school and was ready to head off to college. Her family wanted her to feel how much they love her and are proud of her, so they made her a graduation VidHug. Starting with her Mom, and including friends, family, teachers, and mentors, Clarissa was given meaningful video messages of congratulations and encouragement as she moves on to her college years.

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Watch the College Choice Video
College Choice Graduation Videos

The College Choice Foundation helps underprivileged youth pursue their dreams by assisting with college and scholarship applications. In their recent Graduation Video, you can hear from some of the incredible students that College Choice helped with college and scholarship applications, as they reveal which colleges they've chosen to attend. Congratulations, graduates! 

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More stories from our users.

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Lisa Keiber

At the end of our academic year, we always have an End of Year Event to celebrate the end of Application Phase for our 3rd year medical students. Due to COVID, we had to make a change. Someone suggested VidHug. It was awesome. Our preceptors were able to record messages to the students that we could share virtually. Both students and preceptors loved it and some of our preceptors were creative in their messages. We will definitely do this again next year. Thank you!

Lisa Keiber
Ruby Wong

I’m so surprised as to how easy this app is and how amazing the results were! Made a video for husbands 40th bday, during Covid times, and a video for a preschool teacher’s farewell. And both were tearjerkers! Everyone is so impressed with it. I’ll be using it again soon!

Ruby Wong
Nina Marie

I am a teacher and with the Covid-19 shelter in place restrictions, VidHug made it so easy for everyone to get me videos, record in their own house, and put it together seamlessly. Other apps I have used were not near as user friendly, harder to upload videos, and took way longer to put together! This is something I plan to use again! Thank you VidHug!

Nina Marie
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