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National COVID-19 Day Partnership

The Humanitarian Disaster Institute recently received a National Day Proclamation officially designating and certifying March 11 as National COVID-19 Day. It's a day intended to help Americans mark the historic anniversary of the W.H.O. declaring COVID-19 a Global Pandemic, to navigate our collective grief, and to embrace hope for what is ahead.

National COVID-19 Day Partnership

Proud Partners

woman with praying hands

VidHug is proud to partner with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) for National COVID-19 Day. It's is a time for remembrance and healing, and a time to share messages of hope, kindness, and gratitude. That's what VidHug is ideal for - spreading joy, sharing love and kindness, and creating meaningful connections!

The HDI provides support, resources, and training for individuals and community organizations who provide emotional and grief support to others during the pandemic. Having surpassed 500,000 COVID-related deaths in the US, the country needs a way to come together - to unite, virtually, and be reminded that together, Americans will eventually overcome this pandemic. 

We're joining National COVID-19 day to create an online platform that will enable people from all walks of life to observe our shared grief, come together to help (virtually or with proper safety protocols), recognize others in our communities and country making a difference, and provide support from caring listeners. 

Create a VidHug Group Hug

While VidHug was originally conceived to help bring people together virtually for birthday celebrations, we've seen its application grow tremendously - particularly during the pandemic. We've seen publicly shared VidHugs with communities - and even adorable children - thanking frontline superheroes, many organizers have created "Get Well" greetings for ailing friends or family members, and we've even seen VidHug used as a virtual memorial, when lockdowns and social distancing measures have prevented traditional funeral or memorial gatherings.

For National COVID-19 Day, you may also choose to create a private, personalized VidHug Group Hug video for members of your community who have made a positive difference during the pandemic. Perhaps they're the personal care workers at your parent's Long Term Home, or the Nurse who lives next door, or the Teacher at your children's school who has had to become an online instructor. To help you honor these tireless workers, we'll help you create a VidHug at no cost.

Just login and start a group hug video using the "VidHug Preview" version. Then email your recording link to our Customer Success team at support@vidhug.com, requesting that your National COVID-19 Day VidHug be unlocked. They'll promptly respond with a promo code, created just for you, so that you can unlock all of VidHug's great features. This offer is valid March 11th and 12th, 2021.

Partner Supports

Participants will also benefit from National COVID-19 Day’s partnership with 7 Cups, the world’s largest free online emotional support network. Those who are struggling will be able to find free emotional support from caring listeners, a part of 7 Cups vast community of helpers. They will also have access to a wide range of resources on diverse topics like anxiety, grief, and depression. 

Based on The Pandemic Grief Project's cutting-edge research, participants will also find two brief, free online quizzes to screen for COVID-19 anxiety and COVID-19 grief that provide helpful automated feedback as well as several additional downloadable resources to help others navigate loss caused by COVID-19.

Looking Forward

older woman getting vaccine

Improved leadership, progress with vaccinations, and increased focus on prevention through masking and social distancing is having a positive impact on COVID-19 containment. These steps provide hope.

Ultimately, though, it is our united experience as human beings, and our desire to help each other and our communities that will make the biggest difference in moving us through our grief and loss towards the brighter days ahead. We can all play a part.

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