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Birthday Videos Made Easy!

Surprise them with the "best gift ever!" -a birthday video message full of love and laughter from family and friends!

Our easy-to-use video platform enables you to request, collect, and organize videos to create a personalized and meaningful birthday video surprise.

Create a group happy birthday video message. Send a birthday gift video to mom, your daughter, your boyfriend, or whomever you’re celebrating! VidHug is great birthday surprise idea.

Birthday VidHug Examples

Looking for examples of the incredible birthday celebrations that have included a VidHug group hug? Here are just a few.

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Ann's 80th Birthday video screenshot
Watch Ann’s Video and Reaction
Milestone Birthday Ideas

As Ann’s 80th birthday approached, her children planned a surprise party to celebrate.

“The impact my mother has made through her personal relationships is undeniable. For her 80th birthday, I wanted to give her the gift of love and gratitude from not just me, but from all those whose hearts she has touched throughout the years”, says daughter, Darlene.

When some of the invited guests were unable to travel to attend in person, they were invited to contribute a birthday video message to Ann’s VidHug Group Hug, which was played during the party. “She was thrilled to see so many friends and family edited together in one beautiful video, sharing memories and passing along heartfelt birthday wishes and greetings. Best of all, she now has a shareable copy of the video to watch over again to relive the joy of that special surprise.”  Read the whole story.

Long distance birthday video screenshot
Watch a quick sample of Stefano’s VidHug
Long Distance Birthday Ideas

After relocating to LA from the East Coast, Stefano was celebrating his 30th Birthday far from family and friends.

Recognizing that he’d be greatly missing his loved ones during this celebration, his girlfriend Remi used VidHug to create a group happy birthday video message with best wishes from back home and surprise Stefano with this video gift. No matter how far apart you are, VidHug can help bring you together!

Update: this lovely couple got engaged in Paris pre-pandemic and intend to be married in late 2021. Congratulations!

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Vince's 50th birthday video screenshot
Watch Vince’s Birthday VidHug
Pandemic Birthday Video Gifts

Vince recently turned 50.

The ongoing pandemic limited in-person celebrations, and Vince had recently relocated, due to a job-related transfer, from Kansas City to Florida. Vince's wife, Becky, was like many of you, searching for ways to celebrate her husband's long distance birthday during quarantine/lockdown, and she found VidHug!

Becky enlisted Vince's friends, family, and co-workers to celebrate Vince with birthday video messages compiled into a wonderful VidHug group hug. Here’s a quick edit!

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We’ve had visitors from over 190 countries and we’ve helped you deliver over 4 million virtual hugs during the pandemic!

Julie Solose Iamarino

Our son said “ WOW this is the best gift ever!! “ as he watched video from his apartment, living alone in Italy during the lockdown. Thanks VidHug, you made it easy for Family & Friends from around the world come together, send best wishes and show their love. This without a doubt made his 18th Birthday more memorable... ours too :) Thank you for the forever gift- stay safe❤️

Julie Solose Iamarino
Francie Nobleman

Creating a VidHug montage for our friend’s 70th birthday was a VERY positive experience. VidHug is delightfully easy to use even for those of us who are technically challenged. I’d highly recommend using it as a wonderful surprise for anyone celebrating an occasion!

Francie Nobleman
Romy Louise

What a fantastic way to celebrate the ones you love using VidHug. Just finished the final product for my dads 60th. So easy to use and I can’t wait for him to watch it ❤️ Thanks Vidhug!

Romy Louise
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