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Our story

It Started
with Mom

When you have the greatest mom ever and she’s about to celebrate a milestone birthday, you need to find an incredible way to show her how loved and appreciated she is. That’s how VidHug started.

It was his mother’s 70th Birthday and our founder, Zamir Khan, spent weeks gathering videos from family and friends all over the world, stitching them together, and adding a soundtrack. Even with specialized software and skills, it was very time consuming.

When mom watched the video on her birthday, with special heartfelt messages of love and appreciation from all over the world, she was overjoyed, and moved to tears. Zamir thought: “What if it was so easy to create such a surprise, that anyone could do it?”. The more he considered it, the more he felt compelled to build what became VidHug. 

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Go Global

When (proudly Canadian) VidHug launched in 2018, it was a passion project - a nice way to help people make surprise birthday videos, easily, for loved ones.  

Then, in 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic impacted us all and we sought out ways to connect, while remaining distant. More and more, people found, used, and shared VidHug.

Today, virtual group birthday greetings remain the most popular use for VidHug, but you’ve found it helpful for so many more uses, such as: 
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Businesses, large and small, creating onboarding videos for new remote staff and volunteers.

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Schools creating videos to welcome students back.

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A wedding proposal with support from friends and loved ones (he said yes!)

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Holiday gatherings and virtual Christmas cards.

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Many 40th and 50th Anniversary celebrations.

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Celebration of a life well-lived.

VidHug organizers and contributors can be found all over the world. In fact, so far, we’ve had visitors from over 190 countries and helped you deliver over 4 million virtual hugs during the pandemic!

"Just finished the final product for my dads 60th. So easy to use and I can’t wait for him to watch it. Thanks Vidhug!"

"I absolutely loved using that hug! It made it so easy for people from all over the country to send in videos to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday!"

"It was really easy to set up and do the videos.  VidHug did all the work!  I am very pleased"

"Highly, highly recommend this app! What a way to be personal with someone you love, at a distance :)"

Today, the VidHug team extends across Canada roles ranging from customer support, development, and testing, to marketing.  Each has a single purpose: helping you make meaningful connections with friends, family, coworkers, and loved ones. Creating joyful surprises means everything to us and we’re deeply grateful to be able to help each and every VidHug user.

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The team behind VidHug
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